solo 2017/2018 season*


Multimedia and electronics:


Kaj Duncan David - '4cost1ctr1g3r' for 808 sample, 909 sample and lights

Gary Berger - '31 mal lösen' for Arduino magnet system, paperclips, electronics and video

Gary Berger - 'Spins' for drumset and live electronics

Andreas E. Frank - 'Between me and myself II' for percussion, tape and video

Jessie Marino - 'Witford Brimley and his Robot Dog seize Burger King in a Bloodless Coup' for solo performer and 2 transducers

Zbigniew Karkowski - 'Form and Disposition' for large percussion set-up and electronics

John Cage - 'Variations 1' version for solo electronics

Cort Lippe - 'Music for HiHat and Computer' for hi hat and live electronics

Warren Burt - 'Beat Generation on the California Coastal Ranges' for vibraphone and sinetones

Alvin Lucier - 'Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra' for amplified solo triangle

João Carlos Pacheco - 'Clustering' for vibraphone and live electronics

João Carlos Pacheco - 'In a Soundscape' for percussion and tape


Solo Percussion:


Iannis Xenakis - 'Rebonds' for solo set-up

Iannis Xenakis - 'Psappha' for solo set-up

James Tenney - 'Having never written a note for percussion' version for solo Tam-Tam

James Tenney - 'For Percussion Perhaps, or.... (night)' version for solo small instrument

John Cage - '4'33''' version for solo lantern



*Other pieces can be programmed on request