Ensemble of Nomads

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A new music group based nowhere and everywhere, as its name suggests. EoN is strongly focused on the creation of new works and programs that experiment with seamless interaction of digital and analog instruments as well as a strong multimedia component.

Talvi Hunt Piano / Emilio Guim e-Guitar / João Carlos Pacheco Percussion / HannaH Walter Violin



Ensemble Inverspace


Inverspace is dedicated to contemporary and experimental music, preferably by working in close collaboration with composers. During recent years the ensemble is focusing on the possibilities of creative work processes in the context of electronic music and new sound technologies by integrating a live electronics instrumentalist on stage.

Clemens Hund-Göschel Piano / Patrick Stadler Saxophones / Maruta Staravoitava Flutes / Robert Torche Electronics / João Carlos Pacheco Percussion




Blechtrommel is interested in understanding the interpreter's role on the creation of the musical work. With a very thorough reflection on performance practice and the direction of contemporary creation the duo works on extremes that range from nearly improvised music to deeply complex notated scores while always trying to bring out the core energy of each performed piece. 

Juna Winston - Trombone

João Carlos Pacheco - Percussion/Electronics



TAL Trio


A Portuguese trio born in Switzerland. TAL trio works with composers that are interested in exploring its fresh and resourceful instrumentation. The trio is also a strong proponent of open scores and any kind of musical situation where new acoustic phenomena and relations can be discovered.

Hugo Queirós - Low Clarinets

Nuno Pinto - E-Guitars

João Carlos Pacheco - Percussion and electronics



Ensemble Phoenix BAsel


Ensemble Phoenix Basel is a contemporary music large ensemble dedicated to the performance of 20th Century repertoire and new creations. Experimental music, electronics and noise music are also a strong point of the ensemble, specially in its BLANKO concert platform that presents the result of the ensemble's close work with improvisers and sound artists.


Ensemble Lunaire


Lunaire does not share many common points with the Pierrot with the same name. In its latest projects the ensemble has worked on exciting staged concerts that are based on careful programing and improvisation games and situations. 


João Carlos PachecoChristoph Marty

Christoph BonerVera WahlRaoul Morat 





Poly Kollektiv


POLY is a music and art collective focused on visual art, sound art, experimental and dance music produced through electronic means. Its most visible activity is the POLY NIGHT which usual heats up the nightlife of Basel.




Staged concerts for young audiences



Maestro Charivari

A Lucerne Festival 2015 production

Masha Dimitri - Performance and concept

João Carlos Pacheco - Music and performance

Familienkonzert 04-17-352.jpg

Wie Unerhört

A 2017 production in collaboration with Luzern Symphonie Orchester


Susanne Peters - Concept, Flutes and performance

João Carlos Pacheco - Concept, Percussion and performance